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  • Beating Hearts landscape image
    Beating Hearts
    Beating Hearts landscape image
    beating hearts

    Clotaire, a local rebellious teenager raised in a tough neighborhood, and his schoolmate, Jackie, see their powerful bond tested when Clotaire gets embroiled in gang violence and ends up in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Years later, he comes out of prison committed to reclaiming her heart, even though she has moved on.

  • No chains no masters landscape image
    No chains no masters
    No chains no masters landscape image
    no chains no masters

    1759. Mauritius is in the hands of the Kingdom of France. Massamba and Mati, two slaves in the plantation of Eugène Larcenet, live a life of fear and toil. He dreams for his daughter to be freed, while she longs to leave the green hell of sugarcane. One night, she runs away. Madame La Victoire, a famous slave huntress, is tasked with tracking her down. Massamba has no choice but to escape from the plantation in his turn. By doing so, he becomes a “maroon”, a fugitive who breaks forever with the colonial order…

  • Somewhere In Love landscape image
    Somewhere In Love
    Somewhere In Love landscape image
    somewhere in love

    Nicole and her son Serge live in a low-income housing estate in the Paris suburbs, where their love for each other thrives against all odds. But as Christmas approaches, Nicole has her checkbook and credit card confiscated, turning their relationship and their lives upside down.

  • The Count of Monte-Cristo landscape image
    The Count of Monte-Cristo
    The Count of Monte-Cristo landscape image
    the count of monte-cristo

    Edmond Dantes becomes the target of a sinister plot and is arrested on his wedding day for a crime he did not commit. After 14 years in the island prison of Château d’If, he manages a daring escape. Now rich beyond his dreams, he assumes the identity of the Count of Monte-Cristo and exacts his revenge on the three men who betrayed him.